The Issues


Karl B. Allen believes in healthcare for senior citizens, education for our children and economic development for our area. Allen has built upon his advocacy of public private partnerships and under his leadership he has  taken great pride in the association of Wevista, a non profit organization that has made millions of free medication available to thousands of medically needy South Carolinian’s.

Economic Development

In 2009, Karl helped with the expansion of car manufacturing giant BMW, with many employees coming from District 7, a $900 million investment which will create 1,000 new jobs – 300 of which are immediate – by 2014 for residents of the area.


Since he began his tenure in 2000 as State Representative, Karl has fought for health education, dental care, after-school and anti-obesity programs and nutritious breakfasts and lunches in school.

“We must improve our public education standards,” Karl said. “We must have our kids healthy and ready to learn.”

In 2007 and 2008, Karl helped provide $7.7 million to the expansion and renovation of the Herbert Center at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind. The revitalization increased space and provided the students with a more accessible and accommodating environment, adding new classrooms, dormitory space, a new sprinkler system, expanded medical centers, a therapy pool, energy-saving upgrades and an enhanced training kitchen to encourage independent living.

Senior Citizens

As an attorney, Karl has been hands-on in supporting seniors in the community. In addition to winning against a local utility after the company mistreated one of its customers, Karl passed legislation in the House at the end of the last session to add Alzheimer’s patients to the category of special needs to prevent utilities being turned off if payments are late. The bill was recently signed by the Governor. Karl is also for fully supporting Medicaid, voting for a $0.50 tax increase in 2010 to further fund healthcare.

What sets Karl apart from the other candidates is his consistent advocacy and proven voice for the people, plus his understanding of the area – Karl was born, raised and educated in the public school system of District 7, and he still lives in District 7.

“I have the experience, proven record of service, sincerity and genuine desire to be in service of other people,” Karl said. “I have the ability to advocate action through my many years of law training, to be the voice of others.”

Plus, Karl is trained and mentored by his District 7 predecessor, Senator Ralph Anderson.

“I was trained in the House as an adviser and supporter,” Karl said. “I also have served as an adviser to my predecessor in the House.”

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